The exciting Melbourne Seminar will continue as initiated in the 2009 Expo being an informative and educational forum with a very high standard of content and presentation.

Our subject in 2011 is Paint Finishing and our speaker, Mr Phil Stevenson has been actively involved in trouble shooting and finding solutions for Finishing in the United States over many years, the result of his work and best practice will be presented in 2011.

With two Seminars planned for those in the paint finishing industries , the venue for the presentation is in the MEC hospitality suites upstairs from the main exhibition halls. Session 1 on Friday and session 2 on Saturday , begin at 9.00am sharp until 12.00 midday , there will be a break for lunch. Then at 1.00pm the virtual demonstration and individual assessments will commence on the ground floor in the AWFI Stand in the exhibition hall.

The presentation will focus on helping operators involved in the finishing industry to be more efficient, effective and more profitable, and there will be time allocated for questions.


Our key speaker - Philip Stevenson, President of the American Wood finishing Institute

We are very privileged to have secured our key note speaker on finishing from the United States, Mr Philip Stevenson, who is President of the American Wood finishing Institute and is one of the USA’s leading authorities on “cutting edge” coating technologies will speak about establishing processes for identifying current and future areas of waste in your finishing oper-ation. Improving the efficiency and effectiveness of coatings and all other consumables in the process. Reduce labour costs and increase through put with automation.

Spray Operators can be tested on the “Virtual Hands On Training Equipment” that has been brought over from the United States, “An Australian first” for the Seminar . Phil will use this AWFI, state of the art virtual painting technology, for attendees who will have the opportunity to receive spray painter operator training and also experience first hand the latest in high tech training tools and techniques. On completion of the training, participants will receive a printed evaluation. This will be most valuable for participants, management and operators.

Please view the video below for testimonials on the AWFI.